From the hilltop to the cups

   Yoddoi is the name of high quality Arabica Thai coffee and Thai tea grown in the high mountain of Chiangrai Northern Thailand.
    Our coffee is grown at about 1,200-1,700 meters above sea level in a high mountain of temperate climate, temperature average 18-25 Degree Celcius all year that perfect for growing Arabica coffee. Plenty of natural water resources support the flow of minerais from the high mountains to the low lands, creating great soil full of organic matter.
    In the past 45 years ago this region is one of the most growing quality opium.
    Since king Bhumipol Adulyadej (1969) of "Royal Project encouraging hilltribes to shif from growing opium poppy and gave Arabica Coffee to farmers. 
    Now no longer cultivating Opium Poppy in this region, Akha Hill tribes coffee farmers are very proud to be producing clean, specialty Arabica coffee beans for coffee drinkers around the world, and in the process, making a name for their community.


Working Hours

Every day : 07.00 am - 00.00 pm

Our Menu

Yoddoi Arabica Green Coffee Beans 

Peaberry Green Coffee Beans

Yoddoi AA

Yoddoi A

Yoddoi B

Yoddoi Arabica Roast Coffee Beans

Peaberry Light to Medium Roast

Medium to Dark Roast

Light to Medium Roast

Light combined Dark Roast 

Yoddoi Honey

Logans Flower Honey

Lychee Flower Honey

Wild Flower Honey

Yoddoi Tea

White Tea

Green Tea

Black Powder Tea

Herb Tea

Flower Tea

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